What about Refund Policy?

If there is any problem with the operation of the product, we will give you a full refund within 7 days from the first purchase. There is no refund after 7 days. Before a refund is made, you must send an email to info@codethemes.co to allow us to help resolve the issue. Note: If you decide not to use the purchased product, no refund will be given. We always stand behind each and every product...

What does support cover?

Support includes setup help, bug fixes, simple CSS customization, and help with feature usage issues. Unfortunately, we can't provide support for third-party mods or plugins, but we can provide some guidance.

What’s the difference between Free and Pro Version?

Each theme page has a free and pro version comparison table that allows you to view the details of the free and pro versions. The Pro version includes additional customization functionalities, features, options, widgets, templates, and support for more plugins. Premium support tickets will be answered within 24 hours, including weekends, whereas, free themes don't have a reply time frame.

What should I do to request customization?

Please follow the following link to request the customization. When the customization team receives the request, they will reply with the required details as soon as possible.  https://yudleethemes.com/support/#customization_support

How can I customize the theme on my own? / How to modify the codes?

Please develop a child theme and do the necessary customization on the child theme rather than directly editing the codes of the original theme file so that any future theme updates do not influence your personalization. P.S. If you need assistance with customization, we have a team that can help you. You can request one by clicking...

Do I need to pay extra for plugins?

Nope. The premium theme bundle includes the following files: 'Theme File,' 'Required and Recommended Plugins,' 'Documentation,' and 'Demo Content Data File.' Besides these, if you require anything else, such as add-on plugins, you must purchase them yourself.