SEO Techniques For Gaming Bloggers in 2018

Gaming bloggers can benefit greatly from their blogs because games are more in demand than ever these days. With games, there is always something or the other coming up. Therefore, those who have gaming blogs can make the most out of their blogging endeavor if they apply the right SEO techniques on their blogs in order to make the most out of their traffic.

If you are a gaming blogger, here are 4 top SEO techniques you can use to enhance the operations of your blog.


Use Yoast

This is no brainer. The Yoast plugin is a very popular SEO choice. It is a great plug in that helps you to do on-page SEO with clear definitions. It is a very popular SEO for WordPress and since many gaming bloggers use it, it is an important one.

Yoast tells you everything. Yoast guides you on exactly what you need to do in order to get all greens on the Yoast rankings. It’s easy and simple. It also sends your posts on higher routes. It’s that good, it’s that great!


Take Care Of Essentials

There are certain on-page SEO techniques EVERY blogger must do.

These include using short URLs (you can even change them in the Permalink section), adding spot-on meta descriptions with interesting and impelling additions such as ‘check this out’ etc., adding title tags, using Header tags to clearly highlight your posts and others.

It is important to not just have good content or a fancy web design to make your site work. In fact, SEO techniques are very important for bloggers enthusiasts and the crux of SEO lies in the techniques mentioned in the paragraph above. The idea is to make it all clear for Google for it to crawl it properly and index it at significant places. This can be done only through the SEO techniques discussed earlier.


Internal Linking

One important SEO technique for gaming bloggers is to do internal linking. Make it seem that your site is well connected and everything is out there. For instance, you can link one article on a problem on your blog with a specific type of problem being discussed in the second post. Back linking is the key.

The idea is to build linkages so that everything in your blog is well connected and well integrated. Internal linking helps in building a quality website for you. It is a measure of increasing your rankings on Google too eventually.


Optimize Images, Use Related Searches And Social Buttons

Finally, an all in one advice for gaming bloggers is to also optimize their images, use related searches such as similar keywords for them to appear throughout your posts in a way that you talk about the same thing but talk about something ‘different’- no stuffing, no crowding. It is also very important for all gaming bloggers to use social buttons on their posts to increase shares as well. That’s where the entire jewel lies anyways.

It is important to use SEO techniques in your blog. The fact that popular Minecraft blogs such as 7Minecraft and others are running based on these SEO tricks is an example that the biggest blogs use the same techniques as you but in a way they can benefit the most from it.


Setting up Robolist Premium Directory theme to look like demo

In this article we will learn about setting up Robolist theme, the premium version onto your WordPress install.

We will start off with the email that you may have recieved after you made the purchase.

First open up your email and download the necessary files. Now, remember there are different files available for download.

Let’s take a look at what they all are.

The one that reads “Package” is a package file. It has the theme, the plugins, and documentation inside it.
The other one is “Theme Only” file. This is what needs to be uploaded to your “themes” section.

Now that we have the files. Let’s go to our site’s dashboard.
From there, go to “Appearance > Themes”.
Click on “Add New” and then click on upload.
When uploading the file, make sure you upload the “Theme Only” file.
Once the theme is installed, click on the “Activate” button.

Once you have done that, You will be redirected to the landing page of the theme. There are a few required actions for you to do, to get the site working just like the demo site.

You can either click on required actions and start installing the plugins one by one or you could click on this button and then install and activate them all at one go. Let’s do it all at once.

Now that we have installed and activated all the plugins. We now move into importing demo. For that, you can go to the themes landing page from “Appearance” or you could simply click on “One Click Demo Import”.

Now we currently have 2 demo setup for Robolist, which may increase in time. But for now, let’s click on one of the demos and start the import process.
This could take upto 5 minutes.

Allright, Now that we have the confirmaion, that the import was done. We can now go and check our homepage.


Your site is now setup and ready. Now you can explore and also change content to make it unique an worthy.

I hope this tutorial helped you setup your website to look like the demo.

Enjoy your website and if you have comments, you can leave them below and we shall get back to you.


There is no disputing the fact that WordPress is the most prominent Content management theme (CMS) in the market. WP the brainchild of Matt and mike and has risen to stardom in a span of 11 years from when it was released. You might be thinking that you already know the popularity of WP. But below here we present you with a list of usage statistics which many give you a pause for thought.


48 percent of Technorati’s top 100 blogs are managed with WP:

When you consider the fact that there are a plenty of Content Management System available, this statistic speaks about the popularity of WP. You will surely be in good company, if you want to to go with WP. eBay, Mashable, CNN, New York Times all of them run their blogs on WP.


74.6 million sites depend on WP:

Yes you read it right. There are 74,652,825 websites depend on WP. That is one website per person in Turkey. Around half of this figure is hosted on free As far as self hosted sites are concerned, WP accounts for nearly 18.9 percent of all sites.


WP related keywords score around thirty seven million searches per month:

The keyword WordPress alone receives 4 and a half lakh searches every month. That is just WordPress and not WordPress plugins or WordPress help, etc. When you count the number of searches of all keywords, with WP or WordPress in them, the monthly figure is 37 million searches. Supposing this figure is constant, WP gets 444 million searches in the year 2014. WP is searched 5 times as much as Joomla and 9 times often than Drupal.


Forty translations of WP:

The actual number is not half as mind boggling as the others you have read, this is no less significant. If English is not your 1st language and you might rather have Finnish, French, Estonian, Dutch or Croatian, governing your dashboard then you are in luck. If you do not speak any of the 40 languages that are listed then hold your breath. The WP team is updating their list with new translations.


22 percent of new US registered run on WP:

Out of 100 domains registered in the US, 22 of them run on WP. On an average around 1,20,000 domains are registered per day (worldwide), it can be said that WP is growing by leaps and bounds. gets more unique visitors than Amazon (US): records an astounding 126 Million unique visitors per month. While  Amazon falls ways behind clocking in at 96 Million unique visitors per month. employs only 229 people:

Yes, you read it right. As a matter of fact, hires 88,400 people to run their business that is 38,603 percent more than This is perhaps why they are always looking for the new developers to join their team.


Six new posts every second:

Yes, every second around 6 new posts are published in the blogs. That means 342 posts every minute, 2000 per day and 7.49 million per annum. Not only is the most popular self hosted CMS solution, the free version is the 2nd in popularity on the free blogging platform’s list with the Google’s Blogger, topping it.


WP developers charge $50 per hour:

As per a survey conducted in 2012, it is revealed that the average rate for a WP project clocks in at $50 per hour. Desk ( that is one of the most popular outsourcing sites in the world), lists WP development as the 5th most requested skill. has recorded over $3.5 million in revenue for WP developers.

This WP development is definitely a valuable skill to learn and the need for it, will not go anywhere in the near future.

Thousands of WordPress themes on and and many more theme are still out there in the market

Yes, you read it right. There are more than 17k free themes on and 11k premium themes on ThemeForest. That’s why, WordPress now powers over 30% of the websites. With the increase of WordPress’s popularity and it’s market expanding day by day, numerous sites like,, and are also developing free and premium themes from several years. So, the only thing we can assume here is, there are myriad themes in the web world.

20k WordPress Plugins and growing each day:

Undoubtedly the number one feature which sets WP apart from the other CMS is their plugins. The plugins capitalize and extend on the WP functionality. By removing access to them might cripple WP users. On the contrary, the database of plugins has hit 29000 and a new one is added every hour. And these plugins are downloaded 286,000,000 times.


98 versions of WP to date:

There are only 229 employees, but they are kept on their toes. Once every few weeks, major updates are rolled out. Plus, the source code of is updated around 80 times per day and it is pushed out many times a day. And these changes are synced with the platform everyday.


Forty six million downloads of

The free platform which supports sites that are self hosted has been downloaded forty six million times till July 2013. This means that there are 100 downloads each day since 2003. Blogging has become popular only on the recent times so in 2014 the downloads per day is much higher than in 2003.


WP is the most popular with business websites:

Among the top ten lakh sites in the world, the number of business site powered by WP is 5 times the number of news sites powered by WP. This is not at all astonishing because the online marketing circles discuss WP more than any other CMS. And WP ranks high as the most blogged topics in the online marketing industry.


Akismet is the most popular plugin:

This is because this plugin comes auto installed with latest and newer versions of WP. This plugin has been downloaded 18 million times so far (a mind blowing figure). The spam protection plugin has been downloaded 0.06 percent of all the plugin downloads at


Author: Shankar

I am Shankar working for White Ranking Technologies, a startup Digital Marketing company. I have a total of 6.8 years of experience in software out of which I have three years of experience in Content writing. I have worked in development projects in using C and Linux and also in configuration (using clear case). I also have worked in testing. I always want to learn new technologies and update myself.

CPM Magz updated to 1.4.1

We work hard to make sure that the theme we provide are good and well supported. You might have found that out by our updates too 🙂 As a part of bettering our theme, we have added another update for CPMmagz theme. The latest update is now available to download. Make sure you do that. To avoid any updates being lost, always take a backup and always work on child theme and never make changes to the main theme. If you need help you can shoot us an email and I would be happy to help.

Following updates were made to the theme. The major being mobile menu bug, that was fixed.

* Author URL issues in author and single page fixed.
* Issues for Mobile menu design fixed.
* Issue for customizer fixed.

Tutorial : Changing Layout from shortcode for RoboJob WordPress Theme

Like we mentioned in our last blog post, we will now be regularly sharing you how you can make the most out of our themes and help you create an awesome website using our theme. As a part of that, here is the second of the series. This one is also for RobJob WordPress Job Board theme powered by WP Job Manager plugin. This one deals with changing the layout of the listing through shortcode. Hope this helps.

Tutorial : Basics of RoboJob Shortcode

We will be now regularly sharing you how you can make the most out of our themes and help you create an awesome website using our theme. As a part of that, here is the first of the series. This one is a short video on how you can use the “robojob” shortcode on your Robojob Theme powered website and achieve different results. We hope you find this hopeful.

Getting your site ready in under 15 minutes using CPMMagz

Guys, we are glad to let you know that WP Review Team, took time to review our CPMMagz theme and created a simple how-to for creating a magazine site in under 15 minutes using the same.

If you are looking for a similar tutorial or looking to use CPMMagz, this would be  very helpful for you. Read the full article here:

Charity Review new update available!

With the release of WordPress 4.6.0 and some changes that we were working on our themes, we have released an update for Charity Review as well. The free version of Charity Review is available for download from and also through our site. The current released version for the free one is 1.5.0

P.S: Stay tuned for an update to this article, regarding the update of the pro version of the theme.

Bhumi Updates and how we sell it!

We are glad to announce that we have just released ver 1.1.7 of Bhumi Pro. First of the theme is WordPress 4.6 ready (which was released today as well). Apart from that, there have been a few other changes as well.

  • You can now show/hide Breadcrumb.
  • Breadcrumb bar’s height was a little too much and ugly
  • Some Issues with customizer were fixed

Also on other news, while Bhumi Pro was being exclusively sold at, it will now be a non-exclusive thing and you can now buy Bhumi  Pro directly from this site as well.

Faster Checkouts

Checkouts can be  a hectic thing and probably the thing that make you want to skip the whole shopping process. Those long forms are just too much and only add to misery with those unwanted but required fields. Online shopping should be like a breeze and not even the checkout should be irritating.

That is something, almost anyone shopping online has felt at least once. We took that issue seriously and have made a checkout process that is plain simple and would take probably only as much time as it would take you to add your product to cart. So buying your favorite WordPress Theme at Code Themes is now easy and hectic. We will keep improving on this and other features of the site for a better shopping experience for you.