Benefits of Having a Resume Website


Creating an online resume will greatly improve your exposure. Especially if you’re freshly entering freelance work and the gig economy, embarking upon a career journey or an employee looking for more immense opportunities on the career path.

While it’s tempting to do it the old-school way, a paper-formatted resume may diminish your chances to pass onto the next recruitment stage. A ton of resumes goes into the HR worker’s emails every day, so they may have little time and patience to study them. Under the circumstances, it’ll be hard for a resume to steal the spotlight. Although yours is better, it’s just another resume in the pile.

An online resume will set you apart from your competitors. You can display those wonderful photographs or demonstrate your communication skills. Moreover, companies would love to see what skills and potential you offer to them instead of taking for granted what’s written on a traditional resume.

If you’re looking to build an online resume, thousands of website builders, such as the Zyro website builder, are ready to give you a hand. You can ever score free security or speed upgrades with providers like Cloudflare.

In this article, we’ll show you the benefits of a resume website and later, we’ll arm you with a guide for creating one.

7 benefits of having your own resume website

Having an online resume may help you top this situation. Here’s a list of a resume website’s advantages to encourage you to build your own:

You get to be creative and impress much more easily

With an online resume, you can let your creativity shine. Play around with the site’s layout, color scheme, and font, and it will give the recruiters a glimpse of your personality. Also, having a resume website can show them that you’re able to follow the digital revolution, a skill that companies are seeking these days.

Recruiters can access it much more easily than a file or paper document


Given your recruiter stores your PDF resume in a folder, together with the other candidates’. In this case, it’s hard for them to go back to your resume for further assessment.

On the other hand, an online resume is more convenient for your future employers to access it. By typing your domain name or by clicking a hyperlink, they can access your online resume whenever they need it.

You can add contact information and links right then and there

An online CV makes stuffing up additional information rather handy, resulting in zero need to worry about your resume’s length. You can add links to your portfolio website, social media, and former employers’ contact information on your online resume. This will ease your recruiters’ journey in exploring your site.

You can write copy and calls-to-action that encourage an interview

If you want to make things even easier for your recruiters, you’ll need to write an entry ending with a call-to-action. A strong call-to-action emphasizes your enthusiasm in the job and encourages your recruiters to schedule an interview with you. For example, you can write, “I am excited to see you at your convenience on a phone call or in-person”, and link to your contact’s page, you’ll be making it incredibly convenient to reach out to you.

You can present yourself on video

Putting a video allows the recruiters to see you in person before the actual interview takes place. And not only is a short video easier to digest, but it can also tell a lot more about you.

Here are some tips in making the video:

  • Keep it professional. Don’t talk about your personal life in your video and concentrate on highlighting your skills. Dressing up also helps you look more professional.
  • Prepare a script. Although you won’t be reading it when you take your video, a script keeps you focused.
  • Keep it short. Recruiters have a lot on their plates. Therefore, a 60 to 90-second video is the best you can provide them with.
  • Find a clean background. Your video will be on the site for quite some time, so you should make sure the background is neat and free from distractions

You can update it easily and conveniently when needed

Updating a resume is time-consuming. It may include exporting the PDF, readjusting the format, and reuploading the latest version. On the contrary, when you need to update your online resume, all you need to do is post your newest project or experience. Once you hit that publish button, the site will update it, and the change will be visible for all in real-time.

Especially in the tech and design world) You can show your skills

An online resume is where you can showcase your tech-savviness or designing skills. Featuring your works on the resume allows recruiters to recognize your style, which screams for identity. You only need a few clicks to exhibit your projects onto your resume website, but it really pays to have them on it.

How to create your own resume website

Now that you’ve known all the benefits of online resumes, it’s time to create your very own. And, here’s the guide on creating a resume website using Zyro:


  • Get a domain for your resume website. When deciding on the site’s address, you need to make sure it’s memorable. You also want to avoid using symbols, as it’ll be hard to spell.
  • Pick a platform that works for you. Once you got it, go through the initial setup and choose a template that compliments your resume or niche.
  • Customize it to your needs. You can experiment with the site’s style and layout to make it fit your needs and personality on the editorial page.
  • Add your media and write your resume and other pages. Still from the editorial page, you can upload your photograph, add a bio, and write about your projects. Putting your contact information is also doable, so the recruiter can reach you.
  • Publish the website. Once everything is set, your website is ready to launch. However, you can always have a preview first to make sure it’s uncluttered.
  • Update your social media and professional profiles. The final step is to get your site’s exposure by putting its link on your social media.


That was on the resume website’s benefits. In this article, we also have learned the basic steps required to create a website. We hope you take the first step today and build that kicking online resume. If you have any queries in mind, drop us a line in the comments.

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