You can add widgets to pre-footer section, advertisement banner and sidebar. You can go to Appearance > Widgets and assign widgets.







To display advertisement banner in header, add CPM magz pro Ad sense widget to the Header Ad Banner and paste your google ad sense code.









Similarly you can display advertisement banner below highlight section, what’s hot section and category section.
















CPM Magazine Pro has two widgets, CPM Magazine Pro Trending News widget and CPM Magazine Popular posts. The previous widget displays maximum 6 posts based on post views count as slider and the former has two tabs; latest posts and most popular posts. Latest posts displays five latest posts where as most popular posts displays 5 posts based on comment count.










Now in the front end it will look like this.








CPM Magazine Pro provides advanced menu setup. There are two menus, “Primary Navigation” and “Top Navigation” where you can assign menu.

        1. Please go Appearance > Menus on admin sidebar

        2. Click create a new menu or select a menu.

You can check pages, categories, posts and click add to menu.

If you are administrator and logged in and you haven’t assigned any menu. There is an indication in the header region saying “Assign a Menu” which links to menu dashboard.


New pages can be added by clicking pages on admin dashboard and can be assigned to various templates on the right side.

Page templates for this theme are:

Default Template: Default template with right sidebar.

Blog: Blog template.

Contact Us Template: Contact us template for contact page.

Homepage: Homepage template of the theme.

Page with left sidebar: Page template with left sidebar.

Page with no sidebar: Page template with no sidebar i.e. full width page.

Page with right sidebar: Page template with right sidebar



Step 1: Navigate to Posts in you WordPress admin sidebar.

Step 2: Click on the Add New option to make a new post. Create a title, and insert your post content in the editing field.