Getting Started

You need to agree on the following requirements.
WordPress 4.0 or higher.
PHP 5 or higher
MySQL 5 or higher.

Theme Installation

To install this theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. For information in regard to installing the WordPress platform, please see the WordPress Codex article on installation.


The theme files can be uploaded in two ways:

  • FTP Upload: Using your FTP program, upload the unzipped theme folder into the /wp-content/themes/ folder on your server.


  • WordPress Upload: Navigate to Appearance > Add New Themes > Upload. Go to browse, and select the zipped theme folder. Hit “Install Now” and the theme will be uploaded and installed.
  • Once the theme is uploaded, you need to activate it. Go to Appearance > Themes and activate your chosen theme.



Theme Files Only

It is very important you upload only the theme files, not the entire package from Code Themes | Awesome Elegant WordPress Themes. You can do this by either only downloading the Theme Files from Code Themes initially, or making sure you unpackage/unzip the full download to reveal the compressed directory of just theme files.

Plugin Installation
  • After Installing and activating the theme you will see the following message at the top of the page.


  • This theme requires few following plugins. Without these plugins, the theme will not respond as expected.
  • You should click Begin installing plugins link.
  • You will be redirected to install Required Plugins page, here you will find all of the required and recommended plugins for the theme. To install them just check all of them and from the drop down select install once.
  • All these required plugins are free. Some of them consist of Pro version but Charity Pro in not dependent on Pro version of Plugins or any other Paid Plugins.
  • Recommended Plugins are not necessary to use. It’s your choice whether to use it or not.

Required Plugins:

PURPLOUS ESSENTIALS: Purplous essentials is the plugin that comes up with the Purplous theme which creates post types slider, testimonial, call outs, portfolio, clients, and team. It will also create necessary post meta for the post types. Purplous essentials plugin is made especially for Purplous Pro theme and should be compulsorily used with Purplous theme.



Note: If the Plugin is not active then you won’t be able to work with various Custom Post Types and the Customizer facilities associated with the related Custom Post Types.

Recommended Plugins:

JETPACK: Jetpack is a single plugin that gives you the most powerful WordPress.com features, hooking your self-hosted WordPress site to WordPress.com’s infrastructure to take advantage of robust stats, easy social sharing, and a whole lot.

MAILCHIMP: MailChimp plugin helps you add subscribers to your MailChimp lists using various methods. You can create good looking opt-in forms or integrate with any other form on your site, like your comment or check out the form.

PAGEBUILDER SANDWICH: Page Builder Sandwich is quite possibly the last page builder you’ll ever need. With its front-end drag and drop capabilities, Page Builder Sandwich allows you to create and design your site the way your visitors see it.

Build the Site

Before building your site you need to configure WordPress and the plugins. Please read carefully Theme Installation/Plugin Configuration.

WordPress Configuration

You can adjust WordPress settings as follows:

  1. You can set Site Title in Settings > General.
  2. You can set Blog pages to show at most in Settings > Reading.
  3. You can select Front Page and Posts Page in Settings > Reading.
  4. You can set Discussion settings in Settings > Discussion.
  5. You can change image sizes in Settings > Media.
  6. You should ensure that a non-default permalink setting is selected, e.g. Post name in Settings > Permalinks.





Creating posts

Step 1: Navigate to Posts in your WordPress admin sidebar.

Step 2: Click on the Add New option to make a new post. Create a title, and insert your post content in the editing field.

Step 3: Select Post Format from the right side.

Step 4: Add categories from the right side. To assign it to the post, check the box next to the category name.

Step 5: Add tags from the right side. Type the name of the tag in the field, separate multiple tags with commas.

Step 6: you can add featured image. To do so, first click the featured image box, select an image and click the set featured image button.


Purplous Custom Post Types

Purplous Custom Post Types

As soon as the Purplous Essentials plugin is installed and activated, six custom post types are created and they are slider, clients, team, portfolio, call outs and testimonial




Slider post type allows you to add the slider to the homepage. You can create slider by navigating to the slider post type in the admin dashboard and click add new. Featured image of slider post type will be shown as a slider on the homepage.


Display your client’s logos so your customers can see who you deal with by adding the logos in client post. Add website link to the logo by adding it to website field.


Team post type allows you to add your company’s team members. You can create a team member by navigating to “Team Member” post type in the admin dashboard and clicking “Add New”. Team Member’s designation, Facebook link, twitter link, LinkedIn link, YouTube link, email address and website can be added on the back end. Nothing is displayed if the fields are left blank.


Portfolio post type is useful if you wish to show your company’s portfolio. You can create a portfolio by navigating to “portfolio” in the admin dashboard and click add new. In tabbed layout of portfolio assigning categories to the post displays only selective posts in filter option.

Call Out

Callout post type helps you to add your company’s services. You can create services by navigating through “callouts” in the admin dashboard and clicking “add new”.

You can add service icon by adding font awesome class. The button text and link to be assigned can be set through button text and button link field.


Easily show your customers testimonials and reviews with the ‘Testimonials’ post type. Add the customer’s company name and link to the company from ‘Company’ and ‘Website’ fields.



New pages can be added by clicking pages on admin dashboard and can be assigned to various templates on the right side.



Page Templates

There are various page templates that you can choose.

  • Default Template (default page template)
  • Contact page template
    • Contact Style 1
    • Contact Style 2
    • Contact Style 3
  • Full-Width No Container (full width with no container for Visual Composer)
  • Full-Width Page (full-width page without sidebar)
  • Homepage – Template (Purplous Homepage)
  • Page with left sidebar (page template with left sidebar)
  • Page with right sidebar (page template with right sidebar)

Purplous embraces WordPress’ Customizer API which facilitates extremely easy customization of the site. Just navigate to Appearance > Customize in your WordPress dashboard, and there you can find all the customization options. The first section is “Theme Options”.


Under theme options, there are various sub-options, which are listed below:

  • General options
  • Header options
  • Social options
  • Featured banner options
  • Home about option
  • Call out options
  • Product options
  • Call To Action options
  • Portfolio options
  • Team options
  • Testimonial options
  • Client options
  • Footer options
  • Custom CSS
  • Contact options
  • Typography
  • Sortable options

Theme Options Purplous Pro


General options

This option lets you choose the layout of your site to be it full width or boxed. Furthermore, you can also change sidebar position in other pages like single, archive, author, blog etc.



Header options

This option lets you choose the type of menu you want, center or slider (hamburger) menu.

purplous header options


Featured banner options

There are two main options in banner option.

  • The first option is used to select the type of banner needed and cover banner option can be used in order to cover the selected banner over top menu.
  • For the ‘slider banner image’, custom post slider is used to add the images and required fields for the slider. For the ‘single image banner’, the fields required to display the image, title, description, button text and button link is seen after selecting single image banner in the customizer.
  • ‘Banner with video on background’ is same as single image only instead of image field we must add a video file.



Social options

This option is used in the top header. Inside this option, you can add a Phone number, Email id, links for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin ,Google plus, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest.



Home about options

This option allows you to choose a page which gets featured below the slider in homepage. Gallery images or video or image will get featured in this section.



Call out options 

Same as ‘Team Options’ the title can be changed by adding text to ‘Block title for homepage’ textbox.

  • The number of posts to be viewed must be added in Callout post type.
  • The number of posts shown can be changed by adding the number you want to be shown,-1 shows all the posts.
  • Background image and color of the callout section can be changed by selecting the desired image and color.
  • Parallax check box gives parallax effect to the background image on scroll.
  • The ‘Tabbed’ option consists of two option if ‘yes’ is selected then tabbed layout is selected but if no is selected than four additional layouts can be selected with the option to choose three or four columns.



Product options

This option lets you add title, description, number of products to be shown, background image, background color and parallax effect of this section in homepage.




Call to Action

 Basically we have two layouts for call to action,

  • Button on bottom with full width text and
  • Button on right with text on the left side.
  • You can either add an image or a video by choosing the background.
  • The title, description, button text and button link are same for all layouts.
  • If you choose image as background then we can use parallax effect option in the image.
  • The background color can be changed by selecting the background color.
  • If background image is selected then the color won’t be seen. For both the color and the image to be seen you can use the transparency bar in the color picker.



Portfolio options 

  • The title can be changed by adding text to ‘Block title for homepage’ textbox.
  • The number of posts shown can be changed by adding the number you want to be shown,-1 shows all the posts.
  • Background image and color of the callout section can be changed by selecting the desired image and color.
  • Parallax check box gives parallax effect to the background image on the scroll.
  • Selecting ‘yes’ in the add padding option adds space in between the portfolio posts and selecting ‘no’ removes the space between the post.
  • The posts can be viewed in two, three or four columns as selected from the column option.
  • In the filter option choosing ‘filtered’ gives us the filtered layout in which we can filter the output.

Choosing ‘without filter’ gives you more 6 layouts which are not filterable



 Team options 

  • The Team Options title can be changed by adding text to ‘Block title for homepage’ textbox.
  • The posts to be viewed must be added in Team post type.
  • The number of posts shown can be changed by adding the number you want to be shown,-1 shows all the posts.
  • Background image and color of the team section can be changed by selecting the desired image and color.
  • Parallax check box gives parallax effect to the background image on the scroll.
  • There are five different layouts in the team, all the layouts have four column.



Testimonial options 

  • The title can be changed by adding text to ‘Block title’ textbox.
  • The number posts to be shown in front end must be added in Testimonial post type.
  • The number of posts shown can be changed by adding the number you want to be shown,-1 shows all the posts.
  • Background image and color of the callout section can be changed by selecting the desired image and color.
  • Parallax check box gives parallax effect to the background image on scroll.
  • The number of items to be displayed in the slider can be changed from column section. It consists of two options 2 or 3.
  • There are three layouts which can be used in the testimonial.



Client options

Client option uses client custom post to display the client’s image.

  • The block title can be changed from block title textbox
  • The number of posts to be displayed can be added in the number of post textbox.
  • Background image and color of the callout section can be changed by selecting the desired image and color.
  • Parallax check box gives parallax effect to the background image on a scroll.
  • The posts can be displayed in the slider or the slider can be deactivated from slide option.
  • There are two effects for this section ‘On Hover Gray Scale’ and ‘On Hover Color Scale’, the first one changes the color to gray on hover in the image and the latter option changes gray to colorful on hover in the image.



Footer/ Pre-footer Options          

  • Show/hide pre-footer by checking/unchecking ‘Show Pre-footer’ checkbox option
  • Choose number of widget columns to be displayed in pre-footer. This option applies only if ‘Show Pre-footer’ is checked
  • Footer Options
  • Only text options show Footer text, Developed by text and Developed by link on center of footer
  • Only menu option shows footer menu on center of menu
  • Both text and menu options show texts on left-hand side and footer menu on right-hand side of footer



Custom CSS                                  

You can add your own CSS in the theme just by adding CSS in this field.



Contact options

This option lets you add contact details of you or your company like google map, address, phone number, email address, website URL etc. The fields you fill in this section will be displayed in contact widget in the frontend.




This option lets you choose your favorite font style and font color to titles, headings, paragraph, navigation, and widget title.



Sortable option      

  • This option consists of all the movable section with show/hide option on checking the checkbox.
  • Unselecting the checkbox hides the related section and selecting shows the related section/fields inside ‘Sorting option’ can be dragged by dragging the right side handle to top or bottom.
  • This will only be applicable for the home page.




Colors option lets you choose theme color, gradients color, and header text color. Theme color changes the color of the theme. Gradients color change gradients of the banner section, home about section and call to action section. Header text color changes the color of site title.



Header Image

This section allows you to add different header images for other pages.




If you are new to WordPress, please visit WordPress Menu User Guide

There are two predefined theme menu locations in Purplous

  • Primary Menu – Primary Menu appears is the Main Navigation which appears in the header of the site.
  • Footer Menu – Footer Menu appears in the footer section of the site.

Purplous comes with four custom sidebar widgets for pre-footer area, woocommerce sidebar for woocommerce pages, contact sidebar for contact pages and sidebar (default) for other pages


Custom Widgets

Purplous facilitates with three custom widgets,

  • Purplous author block
  • Purplous instagram
  • Purplous recent posts.


Purplous Author Block

This widget allows you to display specific author’s detail in frontend by letting you choose among authors (administrator or author).




Purplous Instagram

This widget allows you to fetch the feed from specific Instagram user. You can limit the number of images to be shown, open link in new window or the same and title of the widget. In order to fetch feeds from Insatgram account, the account needs to be public.




Purplous Recent Posts

This widget shows recent posts along with the featured images of the posts.





You can add widgets to Footer Widget Area and Sidebar. You can go to Appearance > Widgets and assign widgets.

Now widget in footer looks like this :

And widgets in the sidebar will look like this:

Menu Setup

Bhumi Pro provides advanced menu setup.

There is Primary Menu where you can assign menu.Navigate Appearance > Menus and then click create menu, give menu some specific name and add pages, categories, posts whatever you wish to the menu and assign it to primary menu and click “save menu”.

In the front end, it will look like this :


You should configure customizer options in Customize on admin sidebar.




Or, navigate Appearance > Customize in the admin dashboard.