Child Theme Generation

Hi {client_first_name}

You have to generate child theme from the parent theme. By creating a child theme it receives all the functionalities and style of parent theme and you can safely modify the respective theme without making any changes in the parent theme. Remember to activate the child theme.

Need any further help, contact us via this ticket.



License Key

Hi {client_first_name}

You don’t need any license key for the plugins. They will work absolutely fine without the license key. It is needed only for future updates. We are not allowed to provide your license key due to some restrictions. Please co-operate with us.

**You have to contact us for the plugins update and we will provide you with the updated plugins. 



I get style.css file is missing when trying to upload theme

If you get style.css file is missing error when trying to install our theme, you are probably uploading the wrong file.

The theme zip folder is generally either named themefile.zip or the product name.

If the file that you are trying to upload contains the word “package”, it is a package archive and not just the theme. It contains plugins, demo data and documentation as well.

To fix this,

Extract the folder. Once you do that, you will see there are 3 or 4 sub folders. Among them is a theme folder.

Move to that theme folder and then upload the zip file available there.

This should then fix the issue you are seeing.