How to build a Car dealership Website with WordPress


If you are thinking of starting a car business then building a car dealership website is very important and you can choose WordPress for that. Not only the car dealership but every business from small to large scale should have a website. This is a digital era where everything is digital. People feel cozier to look on the internet rather than go to the store and look for the thing they want to buy. Here I will show you the basic things that you need to do to build a car dealership or any other car business website with WordPress.

Speaking about building a car dealership website will be difficult if you don’t have any idea about it. If this is the case then the first thing to do will be; research about cars, car models, engine types, brands, etc. Then you will get the perfect picture of the kind of website you are wanting to build for your car business. Once you have a basic knowledge about it then your website requirements will be clear to you and you can proceed further. And if you ask me what to do thereafter then I am ready to give you some worthy ideas here in this article.

Why use WordPress to build a website?

With WordPress, it’s always easy to build any kind of website. You will get many pre-built elements and everything is totally customizable. If not happy with the given elements in the themes and plugins then you can make the changes just the way you want.

WordPress is easy to use and user-friendly. The most amazing part is even a non-techie can easily set up the website within a few seconds. The basic steps that need to be followed are download WordPress, activate/ install the necessary themes and plugins and lastly get hosting. The flexible options will let you do the changes on your website.

Want to hear more, okay. By design, surprisingly WordPress is SEO friendly and optimized meeting the coding standards. Also, you can also use SEO plugins to further optimize your website.WordPress comes with each and every function that leads you to create a website in a matter of minutes and without tempering your head. Also with it, you can have a professional and fully performing website that contains all the possibilities to showcase your products and appeals to your visitors.

Steps for building a Car Dealership website using WordPress

  1. Register a domain
  2. Get hosting
  3. Select niche-focused WordPress themes

Register a domain

The domain name is your website’s unique address on the web that gives the customers an exact idea of what to search to reach your website. While selecting the domain name, always keep in mind that it must be relevant to your products and services and create something that is easy to memorize. Remember to pick a domain name that reflects your website and its contents.

Get Hosting

Having a domain name is not enough, you need web hosting to store your data and files in web services. It allows you to showcase your creation to others. There are tons of web hosting services that offer various reasonable plans. Choose the best plans that fit your requirements. The few hosting providers recommended by WordPress are PressableBlueHostDreamhost, and SiteGround. These hosting providers enhance the easier installation and smooth functioning of the sites.

Selecting the niche-focused WordPress themes

The next thing to do is to select themes suitable for your WordPress website.  You will get hundreds of WordPress themes in the market that works perfectly on any kind of digital or online store. One of the best sources to fetch extravagant themes is It’s best to go with the theme which comprises of best functionality that your website needs.

If you are confused among the themes and don’t have any idea which one to select then I will suggest the best WordPress theme i.e. Auto Car, it contains flawless features and customization options so let’s build a website with it.

Auto Car – Car Dealership WordPress Theme


Auto Car is a stylish, classy, clean, and modern premium automobile WordPress theme. The theme can be used to build websites such as car & bike showrooms, automobile garage, car dealership, with this theme. It is fully compatible with the latest WordPress version and comes with many customization options.

These options will let you do the changes in your website such as choose your favorite fonts, edit them, change background colors, and much more. The theme is optimized to reach major SEO goals and also provides better search results. With many advanced functionalities, you will be able to showcase your cars and their details in a proper way.

Theme Details/Demo     Awesome support

Some of its astounding features are as follows:

  • Advanced Filters


Auto Car WordPress theme promises the users to provide powerful filter options. Make your search more precise and enjoy fetching the exact details of the cars and their types with this theme.

  • Multiple layouts


A good layout makes important information easily accessible thus keeps users on your site. For this reason, it’s best to take as long as you need to find a good layout because users won’t give you more than a few seconds of their time. And if you fail to present it in a comfortable way then the user will no longer be interested in you cars.

  • Quick Inquiry  Form

Auto Car-theme-build-cardealership-WordPress-website-CodeThemes

Auto Car theme gives you clean and sleek dealer inquiry forms such that you will be able to get all the answers to your queries. Either knowing about the purchase or asking for a test drive, do it easily with these inquiry forms.

  • Fully Responsive


The theme is 100% responsive. It flawlessly adapts any screen-size and resolutions of any mobile devices. 

Install AutoCar Plugin

AutoCar is one of the fresh modern styled automobile WordPress plugins that can be used for car dealers, car sale websites, or car classifieds websites. It is the most useful WordPress plugins that help you to list and manage cars with its specifications such as vehicle overview, engines, performance, body, fuel consumption, etc. With Autocar, you’ll be able to effortlessly build dealership listings, set taxonomies, and make use of the advanced search filter.

Detailed Car Pages with more descriptions

Our Auto Car Plugin is designed with detailed car pages that will display the car details beautifully. The car detail pages include a summary for the most important data, an overlay image gallery,  car data, lists for the car’s features, and call to action buttons.

Awesome Search Filters

The search filter is available with options such as car conditions, make, model, year, and engine type. With these filters, users will be able to look for the perfect car they want to buy.

Wrapping Up!

These are the basic things to do build a car dealership WordPress website. You also can select the Auto Car WordPress theme or any theme that fulfills the requirement of your website.  For any queries feel free to connect with us.


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