How to create eCommerce website using WordPress?

Create eCommerce website using WordPress-Code Themes

If you are willing to create eCommerce website using WordPress and don’t know from where to start, then buckle your seatbelt because we are taking you to the amazing voyage of initiating eCommerce website. You are aware of the fact or not, but there are thousands of free and premium eCommerce WordPress themes in the market? Similarly, you will get tons of important plugins for improving your site functionality and providing the best user experience.

Besides that, the most anticipated queries that utmost eCommerce store owners have is How to create an eCommerce website using WordPress, when they don’t have a single knowledge of WordPress? Let me assure you that, the theme development companies are well aware of the fact. That’s why they create simple and user-friendly themes keeping non-tech-user in the mind. Apart from that, they create WordPress themes in such a way that you don’t have to write a single line of tempering coding while creating eCommerce website.

Right before going right into the process of creating eCommerce website using let’s have a brief knowledge of eCommerce.

What is eCommerce?

eCommerce or Electronic Commerce is a process of buying and selling goods, sharing information, doing marketing through the internet. eCommerce is not related to only consumer’s goodhs, you can sell, each and every product like machinery equipment, books, music, movies and so on. The best part of eCommerce is that you can buy whatever products no matter in which corner of the country you are. But you need to have the internet access to it.

Over the past few years, an eCommerce or Electronic Commerce has been increasing day by day. There are hundreds of eCommerce websites who are selling goods to consumers. Some the of the top eCommerce sites like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Apple, Netflix and so on have firmly positioned themselves on eCommerce Business. It’s hard to reach that height, but it’s not impossible. All you need is to know the digital marketing strategies to generate more traffic to your eCommerce site and increase the sales. But for that, it is necessary to have a powerfully functioning and feature-rich WordPress theme to create an eCommerce website. Don’t worry, I am here to cover this one for you. Before revealing the best eCommerce WordPress theme to build an eCommerce website, first, let’s back to the How to create eCommerce Website?

How to Create eCommerce website that increases more traffics and monetize your revenue?

Creating a website is not a kind challenging ball game. Anyone can create a website using WordPress. As we know that WordPress is the best Content Management System. It comes with each and every function that leads you to create a website in a matter of minutes and without tempering your head. But you need to have a professional and fully performing website that contains all the possibilities to showcase your products and appeals to your visitors; so that they won’t leave your site empty-handed. Keep in mind that I can only guide you to the road for creating eCommerce websites using WordPress that helps to raise the traffics of your site and monetize your revenue. This is all that can be done from my side. But for the further improvement of your eCommerce business, that on your hands.

Let’s check out the steps to create eCommerce website using WordPress.

Selecting a relevant Domain name for your eCommerce website

One of the most challenging part, but not so challenging when you have already thought the one. While selecting the domain name, always keep in mind that it must be relevant to your products and services and create something that is easy to memorize. You are selling one type of products, but your domain name denotes something else. So, what’s the use of having that domain name which propels away your visitors? So, make sure that your domain name and your site match with each other.

Selecting a perfect Web Hosting

Having a domain name is not enough, you need web hosting to store your data and files in web services. It allows you to showcase your creation to others. Let me clarify it with a simple example. Suppose you own a laptop, but it doesn’t contain a hard drive to store your data or files. So owing that laptop does not make any sense. There are tons of web hosting services that offer various reasonable plans. Choose the best plans based on the traffics of your site.

Selecting the niche-focused WordPress theme

You pick the domain name, choose the hosting service now what? Finally, the time has come to create an eCommerce website using WordPress themes. You will get hundreds of eCommerce WordPress themes in the market that works perfectly on any kind of digital or online store. It’s best to go with the theme which comprises WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce Plugin is one of the most used plugins that have various add on’s on it as well, which makes it the most popular and powerful plugin in the WordPress market.

Being based on our Digi Store Pro, a complete eCommerce WordPress theme, which contains all the necessary features and customization options that flawlessly, let’s build an eCommerce website with it.

Digi Store Pro

Create eCommerce website using WordPress

Developed by Code themes, the theme caters to all the exceptional features that need to launch an eCommerce website. Integrated with the WoCommerce plugins and its add-ons, that gives you endless possibilities to create a site in whatever design you want. It does not matter whether you have a thing or a two or zero knowledge about WordPress; the theme customization options are very simple and flexible that you don’t have to write a single line of coding. If you don’t want to start from scratch, then it has pre-made demos, just a click and your website is ready to roll. You can buy this theme for $59 only.

Digi Store Pro Details

Downloading Digi Store Pro

Once you have purchased a theme, you will receive an email that contains all the necessary files.

First, open up your email and download the necessary files. Now, remember there are different files available for download.

Let’s take a look at what they all are.

The one that reads “Package” is a package file. It has the theme, the plugins, and documentation inside it.

The other one is the “Theme Only” file. This is what needs to be uploaded to your “themes” section.

Installing Digi Store Pro

To install this theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. For information in regard to installing the WordPress platform, please see the WordPress Codex article on installation.


The theme files can be uploaded in two ways:

  • FTP Upload:
    Using your FTP program, upload the unzipped theme folder into the /wp-content/themes*/ folder on your server.
  • WordPress Upload:
    Navigate to Appearance > Add New Themes > Upload. Go to browse, and select the zipped theme folder. Hit “Install Now” and the theme will be uploaded and installed.

Once the theme is uploaded, you need to activate it. Go to Appearance> Themes and activate your chosen theme.

* It is very important you upload only the theme files, not the entire package.

Install Plugins

Now its time to install some popular plugins that handle all the eCommerce functionalities.

Digi Store required the following Plugins:-

Woo Commerce: It is the most required plugin for a store based theme and showcasing the product.

Code Themes Essentials: The next required plugin is Code Theme Essentials which is required to add additional post types like Sliders, Clients, and Callouts, etc.

One-Click Demo Import:

Import your content, widgets and theme settings with one click.

Recommended Plugins:-

YITH Woocommerce Wishlist: In addition to the WooCommerce plugin, one can add them to the wishlist by using YITH woo-commerce wishlist.

YITH Woocommerce Compare: In addition to the WooCommerce plugin, the YITH Woocommerce Compare plugin helps to compare the products.

AP Mega Menu: AP Mega Menu is used for stylus mega menu on the homepage or on inner pages with amazing features like adding images on the menu or shortcode.

Easy Peasy Mailchimp: In order to use the subscribe section easy peasy plugin is recommended.

WooCommerce Currency Switcher: Woocommerce handles all the products with prices but the currency switcher plugin helps to change the currency in the different currency. But since it is a free version, so one can be able to choose only two currency switcher a time.

If you don’t know about the installation process of plugins, Please go through the WordPress Codes Article on plugins Installation.

One-Click Demo Importer

Now it’s time to import demo site form the One Click Demo Importer.

For that, you can go to the themes landing page from “Appearance” or you could simply click on “One Click Demo Import”.

You will find the demos available for the theme. Let’s click on one of the demos and start the import process.

This could take up to 5 minutes.

Alright, Now that we have the confirmation, that the import was done. We can now go and check our homepage.

The site should now look like the demo. In case it doesn’t and the homepage looks a little different. We will need to assign the homepage. To do that, go to “Appearance > Customize > Static Front Page” and then choose “Homepage” as your static front page.

Your site is now set up and ready. Now you can explore and also change the content to make it unique and worthy.

If you want to create a website on your own and know about the theme’s customization process, then kindly go through the Digi Store Pro’s Documentation.

Wait, it’s not over yet. Yeah, we are almost at the end of our voyage. But there are some possibilities to make your site more powerful and feature-rich. But don’t take it in another way. You can easily regulate your online business and collect revenue from Digi Store Pro. But if you have some more options to make your site outstanding then why don’t go for it.

Here are the two extensions that are essential for creating eCommerce website using WordPress.

  • Add a countdown timer to your WooCommerce Sale Item
  • MailChimp for WooCommerce

Add a CountDown Timer to your WooCommerce Sale Item

The main task of the CountDown Timer is to create a sense of urgency. The tick-tock of the clock urges the customers to make an instant decision on the purchase they are examining. Similarly, you can add the countdown timer for showing the remaining days for your new product; so that, it helps to raise the excitement and set the date in the customer’s mind. Further, you can use the sense of urgency for sending information like hours left for the final closeout of the sale products.


MailChimp for WooCommerce

MailChimp for WooCommerce is the world’s largest automation platform used for the eCommerce marketing strategies to set your business target and reach the goal. It helps to retain the user/customer engagement on your site. User/customer engagement is more like a bridge between customers and profit. But in order to gain more, visitors you need to provide a high-quality customer experience. According to customer engagement stats, it completely engaged a customer to represent 23% revenue than the average customer. So make a good use of MailChimp for WooComerce to personalize your marketing, send a message to your customers, product follow-ups, feedback and re-engaging lapsed customers. Apart from that, with this extension, you can store the purchased data from your customers. So, you can easily send campaigns to potential customers based on their purchased data. You can recommend products to them, recover abandoned carts and also track down the ROI of your marketing strategies. Eventually, you can also carry out social media ad campaigns with this extension.



Congratulation! By now you have a working eCommerce website that has an astonishing design. Use the two extensions that I have mentioned above to bag the handsome revenue from your eCommerce website. What are you waiting for? Start Selling.


How to create an eCommerce website using WordPress?

  1. What is eCommerce?
  2. Selecting the relevant Domain?
  3. Selecting a niche-focused WordPress theme (Digi Store Pro)
  4. Downloading Digi Store Pro, Installing and One Click Demo Importer
  5. Further two extensions for making your eCommerce website more powerful and professional



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