CPM All in one Poll Pro v 1.0.0

7 chart types, Multiple Questions, WPML Support

Introducing CPM All in one Poll Pro1.0.0

Built with much consideration, this is probably the best poll plugin for WordPress. CPM All in One Poll Pro supports WPML so you can add polls in any language. Has 7 chart types. Add polls in sidebar as a widget or on pages and posts as shortcode. Supports multiple posts in a single page

Theme Categories

Plugins Premium

Compatible with

Bootstrap 3.x, WPML

Browser Support

IE9+, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

Created On

July 15, 2015

Last Updated

July 15, 2015


WordPress 4.0 or higher

Let's take a closer look.


7 Chart Types

With our All in one Poll Pro plugin, you can add 7 different types of charts. With “Bar”, “Pie”, “Doughnut”, “Polar”, “Line”, “Radar”, “Progress Bar”, you can choose how you want to show your stats.

7 Different Charts

The Pro version however supports 7 different chart types. Which means you can choose from 7 layouts you want your answers published. Choose from Bar, to ine to pie charts or spider and other exclusive chart types.

Multiple Questions

With CPM All in One Poll Pro WordPress plugin, you can add multiple questions in the same page and same question and multiple places. Add it to page, or to sidebar or any other post types. Flexibility.

User Friendly Backend

All in one Poll WordPress plugin has easy to use admin interface, so that you can easily add in new polls, decide where they show up and all the other functionalities. Using this is as easy as creating a new post. This plugin supports Widgets, Shortcodes, Multiple choice answers and much much more.

Translation Ready

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Highly Customizable

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Great Design

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Well Built

A building is as strong as it’s base. This is why we spent 6 months or our time getting the base right. Our products are based on framework that is unique to what they cater yet, common on the ground and built with utmost care.


SEO is something that will take your site places. SEO is not just about content but also how your theme is built. We made sure SEO was primary focus when we created our product. Let that love flow in.

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      • Support can be renewed at $39/yr

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