Review of Robolist – One of the Best Premium Directory, Listing WordPress Themes


We are back with the review of our best premium directory WordPress theme for listing i.e. Robolist. Most of our clients are happy fully satisfied with the theme.

With the verge immersion of the online business, people are looking for a way to stick in the competition, no matter what. That’s why people are searching for the directory website where they can list up their business (any type of business). So, my main agenda of writing review is for the person who is thinking to create the listing directory website but doesn’t know which theme meets the business idea. Here in this session, I will be jotting down in-depth Robolist WordPress directory theme review.


Introduction to Robolist- premium directory WordPress theme for listing

No doubt, Robolist is one of the best WordPress directory theme for listing business. This theme is suitable for every listing stuff, food, restaurants, bars, shopping malls, clubs, jobs, home services, or anything – you name it, the theme covers all. Robolist incorporates Elementor page builder plugin, which means you can create website content with its drag and drop front-end builder. One of the best parts of this WP theme, you can use it as an income generating commercial website. Thanks to the completely out of the box premium WP Job Manager add-on WC Paid Listing. You can charge users to post their listings on your website.

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Why Choosing WordPress for creating directory/Listing website?

As we know, WordPress is one of the most popular open source content management systems. It is very simple to use and very minimum cost (no cost if you go to the free WordPress themes) is enough to craft a fully-functional website. Similarly, if you want to add more functionality to your website, then there are many free plugins like WooCommerce, WP Job Manager, Contact Form 7, WPML and so on. WordPress is best for those who don’t have any knowledge. It is for all. Apart from all these specialties of WordPress, one thing is, it has a large community and the theme developer will surely provide you the support.

Demo homepages of Robolist- Best premium directory WordPress theme for listing




For those who have a little knowledge of WordPress can easily set the whole theme up. But it’s kind of confusing to the beginners or new users. Keeping that in mind, the theme contains ready to use and full-fledged 2 pre-made demo website (one of them is shown in the picture above). Click on the Home at the Menu bar, you will get 2 home demo websites. 

If you don’t want to start from the scratch, all you need to do is activate One Click Importer Plugin and with a single click, you can import any one of the 2 demo websites. After that, your site will be looking exactly like demo content. Then after that, you will get the certain idea of the widgets, post, page, footer area and so on, which will be easier for you to replace the example data with the actual content.

Or, you can check the video below:

Features of Robolist- Premium WordPress directory theme for listing

The features this directory WordPress theme used are really out of this world. Let’s take a look at them. I have picked only the major ones:-

Structured data:- No comprises when it comes to SEO. The team is well aware of that. That’s why Robolist is well structured to make sure your listing website is indexed well by Google and other search engines.

Instant Search Option:- Listing and Directory site is all about searching. The more comprehensive the search options mean the increment in the user experience. Just type of Keyword, and within a second, you will get the result of your queries.

Advance Filter Options:- You can filter the list by the categories and location.

Google Map Integration:- You can add the location of the particular list with the help of Google Map.

Elementor Page Builder Plugin:- With this front end page builder plugin, you can easily drag and drop the elements to create the post, page, and even the site.

WP Job Manager Paid Listing:- It offers WP Job Manager add-on WC Paid Listing worth $39 for free. So you can now charge your users to post their listings on your website.

WooCommerce:- For the secure and safe transaction, you can use any payments gateways that WooCommerce supports.

Monetizing your website with Robolist

Yes, you read it right. You can monetize your listing website using this directory WordPress theme for listing. AS the theme incorporates with WP Job Manager add-on WC pad Listing, you can charge your users to post their listings. You can create the package and charge them monthly or annually or in other terms as you desire while also allowing free membership options as well. For payment gateways, as the theme supports WooCommerce plugin, you can use any of the payments that WooCommerce supports.

Reviewing of Customization Options of Robolist

You can customize the Robolist in two ways:-

  • Using Customization Options (theme Options, Site identity, Menu Widgets and so on)
  • Using the Elementor page builder plugins(drag and drop the elements)

Let’s check on the usability and functions of the given features of the Robolist

First, Setting Robolist

After purchasing and downloading, you need to install and active the theme. Then go to Admin Dashbaord>Appearance>About Robolist. Here you will get short and sweet information about the theme and required plugins. (You have to activate the required plugin or else you will be obliged to use the some of the important functions of the theme). From there you can also import the demo website from One Click Demo Importer Option.

If you want to create a custom site on your own, then you have to follow the below-listed customization options.

Configuring Robolist Theme options

First, you should navigate to Appearance > Customize > Theme Options and find similar settings for the sections listed below.


1.1 Theme Options

Theme Options are the essential option for the theme. Further, it has 2 Options.

And the theme options are:

  • General Options
  • Listing Section

The screenshot for theme options:

Theme options contain 2 settings for the theme which need to be adjusted in order to make a demo website. It is explained below one by one.

1.1.1 General Options

First, go to Theme Options. Then you will see General Options. Click it and you will find an option. Listed as: –

Reset all Default Settings

1.1.2 Listing Section:

For Listing Section first, go Theme options. Click on Listing Section.

First, you need to get access token for Map Layout. Click given click.

That link will direct you to this site, then Sign Up to get the access token.

After signing up, this page appears. There you can see the Access Token Code. Now Copy and paste it.

Now you can select Map Layouts.

It appears like this, you can either click search from the banner section or from the Menu

Or From Menu> Listing>Listing Archive Page (Map Layout)

It appears like this,

How to add the list?

It seems like the theme developer does care for its clients. Why I am saying this? Because you can easily add the list on your site. Anyone can with the basic knowledge of computer and internet easily list their products/ business on the website. Let’s check out the steps to add list:-

First of all, you need to install WP Job Manager Plugin, then only you can use Listing Section.

After that, you need to create Job Region, Categories, and Job Tags

First, go to Job Regions,

The process is the same for Categories and Job Tags,

For Job Tags,

Now steps to list,

Step 1: Click listing and then click Add New Listing>Enter the title of the list then Description. Then, select Job Region, Categories and Job tags that you have created earlier>then add Featured Image,

Step 2: Add Listing Data as shown in the image below

Step3: Add gallery Image (You need to add minimum 3 images)

Step 4: When you set the location in listing data, the Custom field appears itself>Click Publish.

When everything is done it appears like this,

Using Elementor Page Builder Plugins and Custom Element Add-ons

Another way to set the website is using the Elementor page builder plugin and its elements. All you need to do is drag and drop the given elements in the desired area (Also called fronted). And start adding content and see the changes happening live.

I will only show the basic steps of using Elementor.

Robolist-directory-WordPress-themes-Add-new-page-Codethemes  Add-New-Page-with-Elementor-Robolist-Codethemes

First Got to the page. Add new page>Edit with Elementor. There you can see tons of elements, drag and drop them and start adding content.

Still confused here is the full video documentation of Elementor.

Custom Elementor Elements for Robolist

There are 7 custom Elementor elements. Showing all of them is not possible as there are so many. I will show you the basic steps to use add-ons. I hope that below-listed steps will give you a good idea about what all you can do further.

Here is the screenshot shot of the 7 Custom Elementor add-ons. To use  Custom Elementor Elements (Code Themes Add-ons ), you need to install ‘Code Theme Elementor Plugins’. Then only you will be able to use its elements. We have created our demo site using these Addons.

Here I will be showing the “Listing category”,


For this, first of all, you need to create Category from the backend.

Step 1: Go to Admin Panel> listing>Categories> add Title, Description, and Image> Click Add New Listing Image

Step 2: After that, you can see the category that you have created on the right side of the Categories panel.

Now from Drag and Drop Listing Categories from Elementor. Then, it shows you the categories of your list and numbers of the list that falls under the same category.

(Check How to Add Listing?)

It seems like this on the Homepage,

You can repeat the same process on other add-ons as well. Here is the detailed guide to adding the elementor add-ons on your home page.

Price of Robolist-  WordPress directory  theme for listing

You can get this outstanding listing directory theme for just $59. Within this price, you will get a 1-year support facility, and worth $39 WC paid Listing plugin absolutely free. No extra charges will be added until and unless you asked for theme customization request. Yay!!!!! 🙂


This is it. Robolist has the full functionality that a directory WordPress themes must have. If you go with Robolist, your site will be nonetheless than Yelp, and Zomato– popular listing directory websites.

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