SEO Techniques For Gaming Bloggers in 2018


Gaming bloggers can benefit greatly from their blogs because games are more in demand than ever these days. With games, there is always something or the other coming up. Therefore, those who have gaming blogs can make the most out of their blogging endeavor if they apply the right SEO techniques on their blogs in order to make the most out of their traffic.

If you are a gaming blogger, here are 4 top SEO techniques you can use to enhance the operations of your blog.

Use Yoast

This is no brainer. The Yoast plugin is a very popular SEO choice. It is a great plug in that helps you to do on-page SEO with clear definitions. It is a very popular SEO for WordPress and since many gaming bloggers use it, it is an important one.

Yoast tells you everything. Yoast guides you on exactly what you need to do in order to get all greens on the Yoast rankings. It’s easy and simple. It also sends your posts on higher routes. It’s that good, it’s that great!

Take Care Of Essentials

There are certain on-page SEO techniques EVERY blogger must do.

These include using short URLs (you can even change them in the Permalink section), adding spot-on meta descriptions with interesting and impelling additions such as ‘check this out’ etc., adding title tags, using Header tags to clearly highlight your posts and others.

It is important to not just have good content or a fancy web design to make your site work. In fact, SEO techniques are very important for bloggers enthusiasts and the crux of SEO lies in the techniques mentioned in the paragraph above. The idea is to make it all clear for Google for it to crawl it properly and index it at significant places. This can be done only through the SEO techniques discussed earlier.

Internal Linking

One important SEO technique for gaming bloggers is to do internal linking. Make it seem that your site is well connected and everything is out there. For instance, you can link one article on a problem on your blog with a specific type of problem being discussed in the second post. Back linking is the key.

The idea is to build linkages so that everything in your blog is well connected and well integrated. Internal linking helps in building a quality website for you. It is a measure of increasing your rankings on Google too eventually.

Optimize Images, Use Related Searches And Social Buttons

Finally, an all in one advice for gaming bloggers is to also optimize their images, use related searches such as similar keywords for them to appear throughout your posts in a way that you talk about the same thing but talk about something ‘different’- no stuffing, no crowding. It is also very important for all gaming bloggers to use social buttons on their posts to increase shares as well. That’s where the entire jewel lies anyways.

It is important to use SEO techniques in your blog. The fact that popular Minecraft blogs such as 7Minecraft and others are running based on these SEO tricks is an example that the biggest blogs use the same techniques as you but in a way they can benefit the most from it.


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