Setting up Robolist Premium Directory theme to look like demo

setting up Robolist-WordPress theme for directory

In this article we will learn about setting up Robolist theme, the premium version onto your WordPress install.

We will start off with the email that you may have recieved after you made the purchase.

First open up your email and download the necessary files. Now, remember there are different files available for download.

Let’s take a look at what they all are.

The one that reads “Package” is a package file. It has the theme, the plugins, and documentation inside it.
The other one is “Theme Only” file. This is what needs to be uploaded to your “themes” section.

Now that we have the files. Let’s go to our site’s dashboard.
From there, go to “Appearance > Themes”.
Click on “Add New” and then click on upload.
When uploading the file, make sure you upload the “Theme Only” file.
Once the theme is installed, click on the “Activate” button.

Once you have done that, You will be redirected to the landing page of the theme. There are a few required actions for you to do, to get the site working just like the demo site.

You can either click on required actions and start installing the plugins one by one or you could click on this button and then install and activate them all at one go. Let’s do it all at once.

Now that we have installed and activated all the plugins. We now move into importing demo. For that, you can go to the themes landing page from “Appearance” or you could simply click on “One Click Demo Import”.

Now we currently have 2 demo setup for Robolist, which may increase in time. But for now, let’s click on one of the demos and start the import process.
This could take upto 5 minutes.

Allright, Now that we have the confirmaion, that the import was done. We can now go and check our homepage.


Your site is now setup and ready. Now you can explore and also change content to make it unique an worthy.

I hope this tutorial helped you setup your website to look like the demo.

Enjoy your website and if you have comments, you can leave them below and we shall get back to you.

One thought on “Setting up Robolist Premium Directory theme to look like demo

  1. Importing the demo material did not work for me. I have tried multiple times and still does not work. I have also tried contacting you many times over the past week and cannot get a response to my support tickets, or direct contact requests.

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