About Us

We are a Nepal based company that specializes in WordPress and Magento. We are a group of around 17 people who are passionate about their work. A good company is all because of it’s team members and we take in pride saying, we have a great team.

Our main aim is to fill the void. We like working on plugins and themes that we think will fill a certain void there is in the community.

Also real people, means real support. So you can be assured on the support that you get for our products.

How we work?

There’s a thin line between making sense and nonsense. It’s called common sense. We use that to make sure every product that we work on deliver the quality, performance and objective of your work. Like always, the motto is “Everything you want, Nothing that you don’t.

Catering your needs

Our themes and plugins are built with a purpose to bridge the gap of a functional, customizable yet very light website.